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About Me

My Beginnings

Like many, I was drawn to the arts since first grade.  I wanted to see more stories that moved people, excited and encouraged them.  That motivation still drives me to this day.  I attended LaGuardia High School of the Arts and have a BS in Communication from Morgan State University where I also participated in the implemented Warner Bros. Writing Program. 

My Favorite Work

My best works were the ones that got me up in the morning, the ones that I couldn’t stop thinking about. Only certain ideas commanded my attention and those works consist of my success stories. The Proud Family, Jump In!, The Wannabes Starring Savvy, Love Double Dutch! and even Playground Politix were projects that I couldn’t wait to see to fruition and I couldn’t be happier that I did. 

My Life Today

It is a blessing to thank God everyday for allowing me to reach people directly and indirectly through my work. And after 20 years of being in the entertainment industry, I feel compelled to inspire writers and creators on their journey. I’m here to assist, listen and share. I look forward to connecting with you soon!



Whether you’re writing a spec script, screenplay, or a novel, the process can be daunting. You might have an idea, be half way through, or have writers block, it’s always helpful to discuss the issues with someone who will give you an unbiased opinion. I love helping writers find different approaches to their story or their process. Writing is tough for even the most famous writers, but when your mind is exploding with the narrative, typing the words will feel less like work and more like liberation. The story will flow so freely, you won’t even think about the actual physicality of it all and the story will almost fly onto the page. It would be my pleasure to help you rediscover your story and coach you to “The End”. 


Many ask: “How do I break in?” “Where do I start?” “I’ve started my manuscript/screenplay but I can’t seem to finish. Why?” Answer: While I may have not won an Emmy yet, but you better believe I’ve been to the party. Not just for the fun, but to sit among some of the greatest storytellers in the world. I aspire to take that stage one day just like the best of them. My point: You have to have vision. And more importantly, stay focused. Seeking professional advice is great step toward your goals.


You’ve finished your manuscript, feature film, or spec script, now what? I can offer insight from my real life experience with different studios, including my highs and lows and what I’ve learned. If entering the entertainment were easy, everyone would do it. But it’s not. However, these days there are more ways to reach an audience, but it will take drive and discipline. This is where inspiration is key. It’s the driving force that causes action, which is the difference between those who came and those who conquered. After writing for live-action sitcom, film, animation and a novel, it’s safe to say, I like taking a dose of inspiration with my coffee every the morning.  I’d be happy to encourage you to stay inspired on your journey. 

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3 hour session


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