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About Me

My Beginnings

Since first grade, I was drawn to the arts.  I wanted to see more stories that moved people, excited and encouraged them.  That motivation still drives me to this day.

My Favorite Work

My best works were the ones that got me up in the morning, the ones that I couldn’t stop thinking about.  Only certain ideas commanded my attention and those are the works that consist of my success stories. 

My Life Today

I thank God everyday for allowing me to reach people directly and indirectly through my work. And after 20 years of experience, it is now my passion to inspire writers and creators on their journey.  I’m here to assist, listen and share.  I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Doreen Spicer-Dannelly

"I have not won an Emmy yet, but you better believe I’ve been to the party.  Not just for the fun, but to sit among some of the greatest storytellers in the world.  I aspire to take that stage one day just like the best of them.” 

Director, "Playground Politix"

"Do you want a real Hollywood story?  Ask any woman who’s made a name for herself in the industry.  I believe you’ll seriously be impressed.” 

Los Angeles book signing

"‘You’re a woman, you’ll never make it as a writer,’ they said.  ‘They’ll put you in a box and make you write one genre.’  After writing for live-action sitcom, film, animation and a novel, I say, “Good writing is good writing.  And a great story always wins.”

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